Lukas Högberg

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Why you should choose me as your online coach

As your online coach, I am very eager to help you reach your goals. We  will work together towards your goals, and as a partnership I will be with you all the way. I will on a weekly basis look into and listen to  how your workout and diet is going, and adjust it based on your well-being and performance. Everyone is different and needs different amounts of training, more is not always better- and that’s where I come in to guide you!

Personalized diet plan

Your diet plan will be tailor made for you. It will be adapted and customised based on your preferences and cater for your allergies.

specific food preferences, as well as your everyday life and you will receive ready-made recipes. We will constantly adapt it to your needs - to reach your goals throughout the entire way!

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We will continuously update your plans. We will adjust and change them through the entire time we have together.

so we achieve sustainable results and achieve your goals!

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Tailored workout plan

Your training program is specifically tailored to you and your goals. We set up a long-term training plan.

where I will take into account your past experience, how often you want and can exercise and injuries etc.

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Your own app

You have direct contact with me in my app, where I usually reply within 24h!

This is so that you can easily follow your schedule and see your own progress, and just have me one chat away! You have access to your diet plans here, as well as training schedules with video explanations and pictures for all exercises!

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Everything in one place

Online Coaching App - Meal Recipes, Tracker, Chat

This is not a diet of dry and boring food, or monotonous boring exercise.

I will make you a good diet & exercise plan that is sustainable for your life, this will make you reach your goals and beyond!

Start your journey now – and do it for real and learn how diet and exercise should be to become the best version of yourself and feel extremely good along the way! Once and for all!

The only thing I need is your goals – where you are now – and what your everyday life looks like, and I’ll build everything for you.

Stop wondering if you are doing the right thing, relax in having the perfect plan for you!

Based on four main pillars

1. Exercise

2. Diet

3. Chat



start your crossfit journey today with me as your online coach.

Get more energy, get into your best shape ever and perform both in life and in your workout!

Apply today and get to know more about your fitness journey!