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With Project Da Vinci, it doesn’t matter where you lie on the fitness scale,what your age or gender is, or what your goals are – what matters is your willingness to commit to your health and wellness. As your personal trainer, I hold a key to a revolutionary fitness journey. I will create a training and nutrition plan suited to your unique needs and schedule, and give you the tools to help you feel your best and unlock your full physical potential!

Creating an effective nutrition and training plan requires expert knowledge and experience. You need to be calculating, creative, adaptive, and work continuously to reach your goals. The only way to get results is through long-term commitment.

The problem : the way to achieve your physical goals is through consistency and structure, yet maintaining a work-life balance requires the same. Combining these two elements means there’s a lot to juggle, making it difficult to stick to healthy habits

The solution : based on your goals and daily life, let me, Lukas Högberg, become your personal trainer. I’ll provide a way to turn you into the sculptor of your own physique and wellness, without adding stress or taking away from your day-to-day responsibilities!

Is Project Da Vinci for you?

This revolutionary program is suitable for ALL, regardless of fitness level,
body condition or age. But, let me help you decide:

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If you’ve ticked all the boxes, you are 100% ready to get started on the
best fitness and nutrition plan you could possibly imagine!

How it works

Crafted with Da Vinci’s spirit of innovation, this program merges tried and tested methods and cutting-edge technology, and it works, because SCIENCE. No more boring exercises and workouts, no more dry, tasteless food, only expertly worked out, revolutionary training and meal plans!

The program

When you sign up, I’ll create a sustainable, personalized training plan suited to your daily life to help you take your physical health goals to the next level! With me, you’ll experience the true impact of good diet and structured exercise while becoming the best version of yourself. Your energy levels will soar and you’ll feel the best you’ve ever felt!

What I need

All I need is your goals, where you are in your health and fitness journey now, and what your everyday life looks like – I’ll do the rest! You’ll never have to wonder whether you’re doing the right exercise or eating the right foods again.

With my plan, you’ll always be on track to unlocking your full potential – a true revolution in physical fitness and wellbeing