Lukas Högberg


Personalized diet plan

Your diet plan will be tailor made for you. It will be adapted and customised based on your preferences and cater for your allergies.

specific food preferences, as well as your everyday life and you will receive ready-made recipes. We will constantly adapt it to your needs - to reach your goals throughout the entire way!

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We will continuously update your plans. We will adjust and change them through the entire time we have together.

so we achieve sustainable results and achieve your goals!

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Tailored workout plan

Your training program is specifically tailored to you and your goals. We set up a long-term training plan.

where I will take into account your past experience, how often you want and can exercise and injuries etc.

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Your own app

You have direct contact with me in my app, where I usually reply within 24h!

This is so that you can easily follow your schedule and see your own progress, and just have me one chat away! You have access to your diet plans here, as well as training schedules with video explanations and pictures for all exercises!

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why to choose
me as your
online coach

As your online coach, I am very eager to help you reach your goals. We  will work together towards your goals, and as a partnership I will be with you all the way. I will on a weekly basis look into and listen to  how your workout and diet is going, and adjust it based on your well-being and performance. Everyone is different and needs different amounts of training, more is not always better- and that’s where I come in to guide you!


all in
one app

My goal is for you to reach your goals


Sen jag började med ditt träningsprogram så har jag bara fått mer motivation och börjat bli ännu mer taggad inför varje pass
Märker verkligen att jag har börjat utvecklas mer och mer sen jag började köra med dig!:)
Crossfit-passen var riktigt roliga (jobbiga som fan)..😁sen jag började med dig så tja börjat killa framförallt böjjar, har alltid känt mig svag där men känner att de börjar ge något och ser fram emot varje pass sjukt, mkt- gillar det starkt!:D
Dagens maxning gick oförskämt lätt, har verkligen blivit så mycket starkare sen jag började träna med ditt upplägg
Big thanks to @hogberglukas for all help with my training, diet & technique tips. Today I hit a PB in Back squat with 12,5 kg. And 22,5kg better since I started this program 12 week ago! SO happy about this, and it’s only the beginning 😃👌🤩
Helt sjukt överraskad på mina strikta Handstand Pushups, kändes så bra alla set!! Kämpa lite 2 sista repsen sista setet, men helt sjukt glad. Så mycket bättre än när jag började
Tycker upplägget jag haft nu med mycket lyft, lite löpning och Crossfit har varit kanon! Känns som en väldigt bra balans också för har aldrig känt mig sliten på styrkepassen. Känner mig så mycket starkare i alla lyft redan!
You’re doing an amazing job coaching / teaching and I already feel more knowledgeable and better. So thanks for that 🙂

Lukas Högberg

I have been training and competing in CrossFit for 9 years, and have done so as a professional CrossFit athlete since 2015. I have competed at the VM Crossfit Games 5 years and EM Crossfit Regionals 6 years. Before that I did martial arts for many years. During my own fitness journey I have always been helping others  with their workouts to achieve their dreams and goals- the clients I have are ranging from the beginner who just want to lose some extra kilos and feel good in their skin – to people who want to compete in Crossfit.

With my knowledge and experience from this, I promise I, as your online coach, will help and support you to reach your goal!

"3rd fittest on earth 2018"


start your crossfit journey today with me as your online coach.